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Top 5 Challenges in Crisis Remote Learning

As I've talked to parents the last few weeks, I've heard the same things over and over again:

  • I'm worried my kids are going to be behind.

  • My kids are getting too much (or not enough) work.

  • Why does he have to go to eight different places for one assignment?

  • My kids are spending too much time online.

  • My kids are missing assignments and live meetings because there's no central schedule or consistent platform.

Let me address these. First, remember how much time is taken out of normal instruction this time of year for standardized tests and test prep. Those couple of weeks off aren't the end of the world - we just swapped tests for time off. (Nice trade, actually...) In most cases, the process of learning new things is more important than the content of the things. And all learning does not have to occur in a classroom with text books. In fact, the best learning doesn't take place there at all.

Many schools haven't given teachers enough training or direction to keep the new process streamlined. More than likely, they're not sure how. Teachers aren't sure, either. They've never done this before. There are ways to condense the process, though. One big one is a consistent platform. Another is a calendar protocol. If teachers add their live lessons to a calendar and invite their students, those invitations end up in the student calendar. Then they have one place to go to find their meetings.

These couple of months will be a huge learning curve for educators and students alike. Those who are the most resilient will thrive.

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