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Knowing the options

We have so many options available to us today in educating our kids. Besides the traditional public and private schools, we now have online, charter, part-time, correspondence, and home schools. There are specialty schools for the performing arts, technology, leadership, etc.

Online schools aren't for everyone. Your kids might love computers (or gaming), but hate being on the computer all day for school. But you can do some online classes part-time. There are online and private (tuition-driven) online schools. There are charter schools using different approaches, both brick-and-mortar and online. There are distance and correspondence schools, as well.

And then there's homeschooling...

Homeschooling can encompass many of those aspects if you want it to. Your kids can do a few subjects at home. You can hire a tutor for some, or attend a co-op. You can sign them up for online courses. And you might even send them to school for a couple classes. The possibilities are endless. And they don't have to be hard to determine.

Curriculum options are at our fingertips. From workbooks to literature-based to video-based to computer-driven. Then there are all the dual enrollment college course options. Find what works for you, or more importantly, what works for your child.

Your kids don't have to hate everything about learning.

You can design their education just like they pick their ice cream. Cone, dish, vanilla, chocolate, peanuts, m&m's, fruit, sprinkles. There are endless possibilities!

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