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Parenting Parallels

So many parallels exist between parenting and educating.

I was always pretty tough on our kids. They knew they were loved, but discipline was my number 1 goal. "Do it my way," I often said.

Then we adopted.

He is strong-willed, active, loud. He threw major tantrums at age 5. He didn't know how to receive love. His years in foster care left him feeling out of control, fearful of being moved. again.

I had to change my parenting approach. There just was no option. I'm still working on that.

Education is often the same way. Kids who are creative movers and talkers soon find out they need to do what they're told, the way they're told, quietly and in place. They lose the drive to learn and create. Then we give them high-stakes tests that leave them feeling inadequate.

We have to change the way we educate. There is really no option anymore.

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